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The Zenful Goat

Warm Blankets Wax Melts

Warm Blankets Wax Melts

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Welcome to the world of Warm Blankets Wax Tart! Get ready for a uniquely comforting experience that will bring warmth and relaxation into your home.

Our Wax Tart utilizes an incredible blend of warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood, and a perfectly balanced touch of coconut sweetness to create an inviting atmosphere all year round. Whether you’re looking for a reminder of summer days or planning for some cozy nights on the couch, our Wax Tart is sure to add something special to your life.

As part of our commitment to health and safety, we use only natural ingredients like coconut, soy and beeswax in the making of our product. We take extra steps to ensure the highest quality possible by excluding phthalates as well as materials with similar health concerns found on California's Prop 65 list. This means you can rest assured knowing you're getting a wax tart made with safe, natural ingredients.

Experience the pleasure of Warm Blankets Wax Tart without any worries today!


Coconut Oil  

Palm Oil  

Vegetable Glycerin 

Safflower Oil  


Goat Milk  

Shea Butter 


Sorbitan Oleate  

Oat Protein 

Titanium Dioxide 

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Due to the nature of this product - if it has been opened, it cannot be returned. If for some reason you have received the wrong product, please contact us at and we will make it right. Thank you!


4 oz Bars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
so glad I tried these

i visited where zenful goat wax melts were used in the guest bathroom. The scent was very nice and not overpowering or artificial. So I decided to try it.
I don't use things like scented detergent or room sprays or plugins. I put the little pineapple holder in the hallway by the bedrooms.Everytime I go by there is a nice breeze of warm blankets. One wax melt lasts me about 2 weeks! I do turn it off at night-family of firefighters. I highly recommend this product.

Two words: Buy this!!

Where to begin, this is an amazing product! One, yes only one square will fragranced my whole house for hours. It has a nice even melt, the throw of the fragrance is unbelievable and the scent is a warm hug of natural, yes natural, not chemical or “fake” smell. I have tried many, many brands of wax melts and NONE of them compare to the quality of these. Honestly, I could not be more impressed or happier with these!


Packaging is so cute and perfectly put together! Product is amazing and love how my skin feels smooth and moisturized. No skin irritation at all with this product !

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