Collection: Wax Tarts

*$6.50 is for 1 - 2.6 oz wax tart*

Indulge in the enchanting allure of long-lasting 2.6 oz wax tarts made with a trifecta of eco-friendly components - coconut, soy, and beeswax.

These wondrous aromatic delights are formulated with only the cleanest fragrances to ensure purity and excellence!

These wax melts can transform small spaces like a bedroom or bathroom into a luxurious haven for up to a staggering 72 hours!

As if the enchanting aroma wasn't enough, the wax tarts provide an artistic and mesmerizing spectacle once they begin to melt. Infused with mica to create a captivating shimmer effect upon warming, these mesmerizing melts are an exquisite experience designed to indulge multiple senses.

Elevate your space and pamper your senses with these dazzling wax tarts!