What's important to us.


  • Ethical

    The art of sourcing ingredients for our products goes beyond just ensuring quality and affordability; it also plays a vital role in promoting ethical practices and supporting good causes. For instance, the beautiful shimmery mineral, Mica, widely used in make-up, soap, bath bombs, and more, is alarmingly still extracted using child labor in some regions. To combat this unethical practice, we have conducted thorough investigations on the companies we source our Mica from, and have found both to be staunchly against the use of child labor. Not only do these companies share our values, they also actively contribute to charities that aim to end child labor, reflecting their genuine commitment to giving back and making a positive impact. By choosing these suppliers, we're not only offering superior products to our customers, but we're also fostering a more ethical and responsible supply chain that helps shape a better tomorrow.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Here at our company, we are deeply committed to not only ensuring the well-being of our cherished customers but also to the health of our precious planet. We pride ourselves in meticulously selecting materials for our products and packaging that are recyclable, natural, and biodegradable. For instance, you might be surprised to learn that our seemingly plastic wax melt containers are actually crafted from recycled plastic and can be recycled once again after use! The same goes for our soap packaging, which cleverly mimics the appearance of plastic but is, in fact, made from biodegradable cellophane! Our mailing bags are completely biodegradable - transforming into nourishing earth within just two years! And our shipping materials are designed to be entirely recyclable and free of harmful plastics. So, when you choose our eco-friendly products, you are actively preserving the environment for future generations to come.


    We are 100% against any type of animal testing, ever!