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The Zenful Goat

Billy Goat's Gruff Goat Milk Soap

Billy Goat's Gruff Goat Milk Soap

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Discover Your Shoreline Sanctuary 🌊

Ever dreamt of basking by the ocean, soaking up the salty breeze and unwinding in pure bliss? Now, you can bring that seaside serenity straight to your shower with Billy Goat's Gruff Goat Milk Soap! This isn't just any soap—it's a luxurious escape wrapped in swirls of natural blue matcha powder and activated charcoal.

Key Features:

  • Blue Matcha Powder: Rich in polyphenols, this magical ingredient protects your skin from free radicals, boosts collagen, and enhances elasticity. Say hello to a more youthful appearance!
  • Activated Charcoal: Known for its powerful cleansing properties, it unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells for a fresher, cleaner complexion.
  • Essential Oils: Our unique blend of cardamom, clove, and orange essential oils creates an aromatic experience that transports you to a coastal paradise.
  • Hydrating Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, and goat milk combine to offer unparalleled moisture, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and gruff-free!

Why You'll Love It:

Imagine the comfort of knowing your skin is not only clean but also pampered and protected. With each use, Billy Goat's Gruff Goat Milk Soap delivers a sensory delight and visible skin benefits. The polyphenols in blue matcha powder fend off skin-damaging free radicals, while activated charcoal gives your pores the deep clean they crave. Plus, the scent—oh, the scent! It’s like a mini-vacation with every wash.

How to Use:

Lather up this beauty in your hands or on a loofah, and massage it over your skin to enjoy a luxurious, fragrant cleanse. Rinse off, and feel refreshed, hydrated, and ready to face the day—or the night!

Join the Community:

Don't just take our word for it—join the many who have made Billy Goat's Gruff Goat Milk Soap a staple in their skincare routine.

Don’t Miss Out!

Don't let your dream escape—grab a bar of Billy Goat's Gruff Goat Milk Soap today and transform your shower into a salted shoreside experience. Your skin (and your senses) will thank you!

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Coconut Oil  

Palm Oil  

Vegetable Glycerin 

Safflower Oil  


Goat Milk  

Shea Butter 


Sorbitan Oleate  

Oat Protein 

Titanium Dioxide 

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4 oz Bars

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