Collection: Signature Scents - 7 oz. Crackling Woodwick Candles

Here at The Zenful Goat we hand pour each of our candles using a blend of coconut wax and beeswax. 

When burned the beeswax and coconut wax creates little to no smoke.

We only use clean fragrances; this means that no 'cancer causing ingredients' are included - no Prop 65 warning needed! You can feel comfortable burning these candles in your home around your family, kids, and pets!

You'll also be surprised that if you are prone to scent induced headaches, you won't have those issues with our candles. We pride ourselves on creating products that create a warm, inviting smell, without being overpowering.

Finally the ambiance is elevated by using woodwicks. When lit, these woodwicks crackle like a fireplace.

The company we purchase the woodwicks from (the original manufacturer) enjoys giving back to the environment, so we enjoy purchasing from them! For every 100 wicks sold, they plant 1 tree! We've helped plant 5 trees so far and we're just getting started!

Try our candles and you'll see the difference!